Preschool/Kindergarten Program

Ages 3-6

-Children ages 3-6 are combined to form a community of learners. This three year cycle allows children to experience growing up with the same children and teacher for several years, provides learning and mentoring opportunities for the children, and teaches confidence, patience and mastery of skills.

-The traditional Montessori curriculum which Skokie Montessori follows encompasses the learning of mathematics, language arts, practical life skills, science, and cultural studies through the use of hands-on, interactive activities and lessons using Montessori proven materials.

-Montessori children learn by doing; they work with concrete self-correcting materials that aid in the grasping of abstract concepts. Materials are carefully organized from the simplest to the most complex, with each activity broken down into logical and sequential steps.

-The children are given individual lessons by their teacher on each material and are encouraged to master one before moving on to the next. Everything in the classroom is child sized. It is the children’s environment, designed to support their feeling comfortable and confident in their own ‘work’ place.

– Our Kindergarten students are looked up to by the younger students as the role models in the room, giving them the opportunity to develop amazing leadership skills and confidence at an early age. During their day in the 3 to 6 year old room, students receive individual lessons, designed to meet each child at their level, especially in math and language arts instruction.