As a new Skokie Montessori School family, we would like to say thank you for everything your staff has done to help make our transition to your school so successful. We especially want to share our thoughts of appreciation for our child’s teacher, Ms. Joji, who is truly an A++ teacher.

Ms. Joji is a teacher with heart. She recognizes and respects the talents and special needs of each child and builds on them in a compassionate way. In the words of our 7 year old child, Ms. Joji is “nice, a good teacher, she helps me work and is generous”. Our child is extremely happy at your school and is thriving!

Ms Joji takes the virtues of Montessori learning to a new level by expanding on the well-known hands-on, individualized learning technique to ensure that every aspect of the school day experience promotes a positive and stimulating learning environment for each child’s social, emotional and academic growth. We couldn’t agree more! The classrooms are bright and large with plenty of room for large group instruction, small group sharing and individualized exploration. Our child greatly enjoys recess in the full size gym and spacious outdoor playground. The daily hot, organic lunches are served on china plates in the large cafeteria complete with kitchen. The optional extended day sessions, provide children with a variety of extra-curricular activities to select as well as excellent turnkey solutions for busy parents.

The decision on where our precious child would attend school and who to entrust to teach our child was one of the most important decisions that we have needed to make as parents. Many thanks to all teachers and school administrators for all their encouragement and guidance they provides, for creating a relaxing learning environment that promotes self-confidence and growth, for being a trusted friends and teachers to their students and for all the timely feedback they shares with parents. When our children are happy, we are happy. Skokie Montessori School has given our family a lot of happiness to smile about!

– Sincerely, Your newest Skokie Montessori School family

Skokie Montessori School is a great asset to my child’s educational and social needs. When I first put her in the program at the age of 2, it wasn’t long before I saw great changes in her level of knowledge. Now that she is 7, she still surprises me on how much she’s learned at the school and at a level that far exceeds my expectations. The staff is great at identifying the individual child’s strengths and focuses on their weakness. I am so happy to be a part of this program and I know that my child loves the school.

-R. Rivera

Our experience with Skokie Montessori School over the last three and a half years has been resoundingly positive. We are so happy that our children are in a calm, clean and well-organized school environment with exposure to so many areas of learning, both academic and practical. In addition to the emphasis on academic learning, we have seen how the teachers and administrators emphasize accountability, responsibility, respect, and healthy personal habits. We have seen that by having students of different age groups work together in the classroom, it creates a dynamic learning environment. The older student are learning by mentoring the younger students thereby reinforcing already learned concepts. The younger students benefit from having older students lead by example.

There is a strong emphasis on practical, hands-on learning. For instance, math concepts are not simply memorized, but rather, they are tangibly explained. Students are learning the fundamentals of math and are able to answer the “why” questions. Likewise, we have seen a very practical, hands on approach to reading where students are challenged to start reading and writing. In both math and reading, which are the basics to academic achievement, we have seen teachers really assist students to find answers for themselves and develop critical thinking skills at a very early age.

From a behavioral perspective, we have found Skokie Montessori School’s emphasis on accountability, independence, and discipline to really help students not only achieve academic success, but also develop confidence and positive self-esteem. We have been very pleased by the diverse multicultural and multilingual environment as well. Skokie Montessori definitely has teachers who care and have the experience to handle concerns that may arise. For these reasons, Skokie Montessori is a wonderful environment where students thrive.

– Peter Yuh and Hye Rin Cho

COMPASSION is the word that we would use to describe Skokie Montessori School. It taught our kids the most valuable life lessons they couldn’t have learned in a happier or more enjoyable environment. It was there that they made their first friends, people that probably will stay with them all the way, and who they know will stay friends with them for the rest of their lives. They have been learning the importance of respect and teamwork at Skokie Montessori, through working with other children collaboratively to solve problems. They will always remember the teachers who are guiding them all these years, who are teaching their students with dedication and appreciation for their subjects, and are passing their interest on to them. As we observe our kids as they come home from school, we know that they have had the best experiences at Skokie Montessori, learning about the world with a hands-on, engaging manner that encourages them to ask questions. The school gives them a jump-start into life, providing them with the confidence and courage to speak for themselves, and the encouragement to follow their dreams. Thanks to Skokie Montessori, our kids are becoming curious, well-rounded kids, and they will owe all of their successes to the school that taught them to believe in their selves.

Skokie Montessori is a very nurturing environment not just from the academic point of view. The teachers, administrators and staff make great efforts to care about the children’s overall well-being. They are not only there to teach the kids ABCs and 123s, they are there to teach the children how to be confident, how to hold their heads high, how to grow up to be a balanced and caring human being.

At the end of the day, what’s makes us parents keep sending our kids to Skokie Montessori year after year is the ultimate trust. We trust that our sons are at the care of a very safe and nurturing environment, we trust that all the teachers are doing everything solely for the well being of the children, and we trust that the teachers, administrators and staff will do whatever they can to keep the quality and the integrity of the school for years to come.”

– Victor and Rowena Gomez

“The most important thing for parents is having peace of mind. It is so important that adults taking care of my children have integrity as well as the right academic skills. Both of the children developed these skills for the two and one half years being in the School of Skokie Montessori.

What was exhibited with every child was how they learned to resolve conflict. Academics are taught with different varieties and enrichment. I have seen that here with a high standard approach in the curriculum.

Teachers are very professional and I feel confident and comfortable asking questions in regards about any concern I may have about my children. We feel at home being in school.

The school has a positive attitude toward all the children, and when special needs arise they are able to meet those needs by continuing their support and knowledge.

We were always given the opportunity to meet other families who children attended the School of Skokie Montessori. All the staff of the School of Skokie Montessori is really dedicated, hard working, and enthusiastic working with children.

My own children have shown significant growth in their academic skills.”

– Ayellet and Assaf Sinvani

“Thank you for creating a place that has allowed Aaron to grow and thrive for the past two years. It is rare to find a school run by people who care as much about our child as we do. Thank you for everything!”

– Seth & Courtney Kramer