Mrs. Joji, Executive Director

As one of the founders of our school I am happy to welcome you! I am Executive Director of Administration and my desire to educate children utilizing Montessori teaching methods has been my personal and professional passion for more than 30 years. Prior to opening Skokie Montessori School in 2003 I spent 20 years with the Northshore Montessori Schools as founder of their elementary Program and supervisor and teacher for 8 years. I began my Montessori journey in 1992 as a Preschool Directress and have been an advocate and lifelong learner, teaching the unique philosophy of Maria Montessori for more than 31 years. I earned a Master of Arts degree in Teaching and Leadership from Saint Xavier University and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Commerce. I am AMS certified from primary through elementary. My children were Montessori students beginning from early childhood through the sixth grade. I observed how easy the transition to public school turned out as my children developed strong self- motivation, awareness in managing their time and schedules independently and strong problem solving skills.

Mrs. Mariquita (Mrs. Kit), School Director

Hello and welcome to Skokie Montessori School. I am Mariquita Florendo, one of the co-founders of Skokie Montessori School and am currently Director of Operations and a Directress at Skokie Montessori School. I earned my Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Psychology and began my Montessori career in July 1990. I first worked as an assistant teacher in the primary level, and simultaneously continued my Montessori primary training to become a certified Primary Level Directress in 1992. My strong motivation and passion for teaching Montessori methods led me to continue with Montessori training for the birth through three year-old level. I embarked on my current role in 2003. My first love is being a teacher; playing the role of a teacher during childhood has always been my favorite. I have witnessed the many great works of Montessori teaching through my two daughters who have been students in Montessori school.

Mrs. Jacqueline (Mrs. Jackie)

Hi, I am Miss Jackie and a Directress at Skokie Montessori School in our 3-6 year old program. I also head up our annual Spring Sing event and am responsible for mentoring and overseeing our internship program. I have been teaching Montessori students for more than 15 years and am AMS  certified and have a Bachelors degrees in Music and Applied Behavioral Sciences from National Louis University. I have also been an active volunteer within special education classes in the early childhood age students. I was one of the founding Directresses at Skokie Montessori School in 2003 but before I joined our school I previously led the music and movement program at Northshore Montessori schools. I am excited to offer my high level of enthusiasm and energy to Skokie Montessori School where working within the early childhood field of Montessori education has been my favorite area of focus! I love seeing a child’s eyes light up when they suddenly grasp something we are working on together. Both of my children have attended Montessori schools.

Megan (Miss Megan)

My introduction to Montessori started out as a two year old. An interest in the philosophy of Dr. Montessori started my second year in college, in the middle of a neuroscience lecture on brain cells. I earned my B.S  in Neuroscience from Lake Forest College in 2014 and sought out more information on education. I studied at Xavier University, Cincinnati and completed my Masters in Education. I am AMS certified for Early Childhood Education. I am in the final year of my elementary training. After teaching in private and public Montessori schools as an assistant in Cincinnati and lead teacher in Philadelphia, I am here with the Skokie Montessori School community to share and continue growing. When I am not at school, you’ll find me playing piano, cycling, or reading anything ranging from cooking recipes to philosophy books.

Adela  (Miss Adela)

Hello I am Miss Adela and am currently a co-directress in our 2 to 3 year old Toddler Program. In 2013 I joined the staff of the Skokie Montessori School and have worked with our 3 to 6 year old program as well as our Toddler Program. Both my Bachelors and Masters degrees in psychology allows me to witness and nurture the developmental growth of the children I work with at a different level.