Ms. Joji

Ms. Joji earned her Master of Arts degree in Teaching and Leadership from Saint Xavier University and earned a Bachelor of Science degree. She is a certified Montessori Directress for Primary Childhood, Elementary 6-9 year, and Elementary 9-12 year-old levels. Ms. Joji served as Directress at the Montessori School for over twenty years and taught at all Montessori levels. She continues as both the Elementary Program Coordinator and as a consultant.

Ms. Joji’s desire to share her vision and continue educating children utilizing Montessori teaching methods, combined with her strong academic skills, prompted her to open the Skokie Montessori School in 2003. She has two children who were Montessori students beginning from early childhood through the second plane of development. Learning through a Montessori environment enabled her children to advance academically as they challenged themselves through a Montessori-based curriculum. As a mother, she observed how easy the transition to public school turned out as her children had developed a strong awareness managing their time and schedules independently and responsibly.

Mariquita A. Florendo

Mrs. Kit earned her Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Psychology and began her Montessori career in July 1990. She first worked as an assistant teacher in the primary level, and simultaneously continued her Montessori Primary Training to become a certified Primary Level Directress in 1992. With her strong motivation and passion teaching Montessori methods, she continued with Montessori training for the Birth through three year-old level and was a self-directed teacher for the next 3 1/2 years in the toddler program. She continued to work in the Primary Level and was a dedicated directress for many years. She embarked on a new role in 2003, whereby she became the School Director of the Skokie Montessori School, managing not only the daily operations but continued as a Primary Level Directress. “My first love is being a teacher; playing the role of a teacher during childhood play has always been my favorite.” She has witnessed the many great works of the Montessori teaching through her two daughters who have been students in Montessori school.

Jacqueline Arellano

Jacqueline Arellano (Miss Jackie) is a Directress at the Skokie Montessori School and teaches the 3-6 year old program. She is AMS Montessori Certified and her degree in college was in Music. She volunteers her talent for special education classes and early childhood education. Miss Jackie previously led the music and movement at the Deerfield Montessori School. She brings her talents to the Skokie Montessori School and is enthusiastic to work with children in all areas of the pre-school curriculum. She has a strong sense of ability in observing children’s potential growth and development. She has been teaching for 16 years and supervising interns as their mentor. Her son is currently enrolled in the Montessori preschool program.